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Send an email to the given recipient.

Note that the from address has to be an address that has been approved by us. The email address connected to your Supermatic account is already preapproved, but if you'd like to use another address, contact us at [email protected]

  options: {
    from: string; // Your email address.
    fromName?: string; // Your name (optional).
    html: string; // The HTML body of the email.
    subject: string; // The subject of the email.
    to: string; // The recipient's email address.
    toName?: string; // The recipient's name (optional).
): Promise<null>


import email from "@supermatic/email";

await email.send({
  from: "[email protected]",
  fromName: "Alice",
  html: "<h1>Hello, Bob!</h1>",
  subject: "A very important email",
  to: "[email protected]",
  toName: "Bob",