Grow your Shopify store with limitless automation

Supermatic runs any script in response to your customers' exact behavior. Build automations tailored for your store or use our ready-made examples. Supermatic is automation on steroids.

Case in point: Abandoned product recovery

You have probably heard of abandoned checkout recovery. But what if a customer removed a product from the cart, right before proceeding to checkout?

With Supermatic, you can implement any conditions and logic in your marketing automation, as long it's connected to events.

Use automations that work exceptionally well for your specific store.

Customer adds Product A and Product B to cart
Customer removes Product B from cart
Customer proceeds to checkout and buys Product A
Wait until Product A has been delivered
Send an offer on Product B
Customer clicks link in email and buys Product B

Frequently asked questions

What can I do with Supermatic?
For example, you can send out a reminder to the customer, the day before an unused discount code expires. Or maybe you want to send an offer on a product the customer removed from their cart, before making a purchase.
How does Supermatic work?
A Supermatic automation is a code snippet built in JavaScript. You can either build your own or use our ready-made examples. The automation is triggered by events of your choice, such as when a customer makes an order or a discount code is about to expire.
How can Shopify developers and agencies use Supermatic?
If you want to woo your customers with perfect custom-made automation, Supermatic is the right tool for you and your customers. Let's talk about how we can work together.
Do I have to know how to code to use Supermatic?
No, we have a library of ready-made examples, and we can also build automations for you. But if you have basic coding skills, you can definitely build your own automations.
Can you help me with setting automations for my Shopify store?
Absolutely! When you sign up you get 3 hours of free development time, and in many cases we can help you for free even beyond that.

3 hours of free development time

When signing up for Supermatic, you get 3 hours of free development time.